Job Category: IT
Job Title: Back End Developer
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: GH¢ 2,200.00
Description: The Backend Developer is responsible for developing website that meets the specific need of a client. Also responsible for developing all server-side logic, defining and maintaining databases and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end. A good understanding of front-end technologies is therefore necessary as well. The selected individual will be expected to
build creative web applications focused on creating an excellent user experience. Must be an ambitious, passionate and creative individual who can work on their own initiative or with very little supervision.
Responsibilities: • Collaborate with Project and Product Management teams to ensure optimal
delivery of applications.
• Integrate UI elements developed by a front-end developer with server side logic.
• Write clean, secure, reusable code and libraries.
• Optimize websites and web applications for speed and scalability
• Secure production environment and implement data protection measures.
• Show advanced programming skills, Write clean, well-engineered code that conforms to accepted standards
• Test the output of their own work prior to independent testing
• Research new technologies for the development team
• Design the architecture of the systems or platforms
• Utilize programming principles, tools, and techniques to write application codes
• Resolve application development issues in a timely manner
• Demonstrate pro activity and focus on "getting things done"
Qualities: • Bachelor of Science in Computer science or software engineering
• Creating database schemas that represent and support business processes
• Proficient knowledge of one of all the following back-end programming languages (C#/.NET, Ruby, PHP).
• Knowledge of Kentico CMS, WordPress or Ruby on rails is a plus.
• Understanding and working knowledge of versioning tools, such as Git
Management of hosting environment, including database administration and
scaling a website or web application to support load changes.
• Have good verbal and communication skills
• Be able to work effectively independently (with little supervision), and with a team
• Ability to meet tight deadlines and handle multiple projects at the same time
• Ability to work independently
• Have excellent verbal and communication skills
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